Web technologies are developing at high-speed. The popularity of these technologies changes or varies with time. You don’t need to be a genius to understand web technology; it’s simply the understanding of a few basic concepts.

The popular technology of yesterday may not be the same for tomorrow; you have to keep yourself updated with the trends in the technology.

Businesses need to understand the sensitivity of server configuration along with the functionality of the same. Planning and execution is essential with accurate resource allocation.

This site shares informative and collaborative insights on web technologies. Get access to whitepapers and research papers from leading industry experts. Be prepared to gain in-depth knowledge on web technology to stay ahead of your competitors.

Web technology trends

JavaScript –

JavaScript is the most well-known web development trend that continues to develop. JavaScript frameworks and libraries are more flexible and powerful. Angular and React are the most popular frameworks by having their own pros and cons.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language according to the Stack Overflow report survey conducted within developers. Since ages, it is maintaining its popularity and consistency among other languages.

SPA (Single Page Application) –

SPA continues to gain popularity in web development trends. SPA works perfectly across all devices; shows high-performance and decrease web development time.

The popularity of SPA is visible for developers. The development is based on React and Angular frameworks.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) –

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) was announced by companies and brands to rebuild their websites.

A report says mobile apps are losing their appeal due to oversaturated market. It’s an excellent alternative of mobile apps.

Bots (Artificial intelligence) –

Chatbots based on artificial intelligence gained incredible popularity. Facebook’s bots invented own language while communicating with each other; on the verge of new transformations.

Chatbots created on the basis of artificial intelligence and neural networks are evolving. It helps to increase online communication.

Blockchain –

Blockchain is a method of collective data storage. All information is placed on thousands of computers around the world. It doesn’t have any intermediaries between transactions.

Blockchain has a high level of protection. Thus many multinational banks are considering the possibility of implementing Blockchain in their work. Its common usage is to protect data in security, trading and exchange operations, cryptocurrency and other cryptography.

Internet of Thing –

IoT opens unlimited opportunities for business and allows you to increase efficiency with high accuracy. The IoT have a substantial impact on web technologies.

IoT solutions gradually enter into the life of each person. We are on the verge of a global introduction of smart devices. Companies are going to experience faster growth with all new evolving devices and applications.

Motion UI –

The most attractive element in the website is smooth animation. It’s definitely one of the web design trends.

Motion UI is the most rapid gaining popular library. Ease of use and possibility to add content without having strong knowledge in JavaScript is the key reason.

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